The Missouri Tax Trap

23 06 2010

Today I got my official MO driver’s license.  That wasn’t too hard.  Getting the car registered almost required intervention from our state rep.  You have to prove that you haven’t lived in MO for the past three years or else you’re charged for personal property taxes.  In GA, we just call it our ad valorem tax. Sounds like in MO, it’s going to cost a pretty penny come January 2011.  I can see the reason for taxing what we’ve already been taxed for (through sales tax, gas taxes, etc). We drive on the roads, pollute the air, require police to..,well, police us.  So in essence, we’re paying for the privilege of driving in a lump sum, as opposed to constant tolls.

The problem, though, with registering here is that nothing is streamlined.  After I got my license, we had to go to the county courthouse to get our tax exemption form.  Then we had to go all the way back to the licensing office, but we had forgotten our safety inspection form, so we were turned away.  Ryan managed to get the car registered before lunch, but this was a three hour ordeal.  I’ve heard it’s easier in Kansas, so if we move next year–it all depends on our tax liability here in MO–we shouldn’t have to go through so much trouble.

It is very hot.  We are taking it easy ’til noon and then tapering off…




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