I have got to get a working camera

30 06 2010

Why? because i’m sick of looking at this plain site.  Really, i’m not that interested in making this thing gorgeous.  I don’t feel like fooling around with it.  But this place needs pictures.

This week, the house is finally in order.  Is it ready for Southern Living (o, wait, I don’t live in the South anymore)?  no.  But I can find just about everything.  And I have a place to put the mess.

It’s a good thing that I feel more settled. Because I have an 8 month old who is pulling up.  MeiMei pulls up on everything now.  She gets into everything.  She puts everything into her mouth.  Nothing new, everybody does it at some point–some never get over it–but I didn’t feel prepared for this kid reaching milestones so quickly.  KB was slow to walk.  I look back and realize that’s a nice thing.  Of course, once baby 3 appears, I’ll be grateful to have a walking toddler who doesn’t need constant carrying.  Yet I’m still in mourning for the brevity of infanthood.  It’s so fleeting.  We fill our days with “I can’t wait until…” and then it happens and we’re overwhelmed by conflicting emotions. Pride.  Grief. Happiness. Sadness.  Did I tell you that she’s also eating table food all the time?  MeiMei loves to eat–Thank goodness!–and we’ve moved on from most baby foods.  Owell, they gotta grow up some day.  Gotta grow up, get educated, make tons of money to send momma on year-round vacation…ugh, that’s a whole other post.




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