Freedom from Fireworks

6 07 2010

We just spent a week listening to fireworks at all hours of the day. It sounded like a warzone on July 4, even though it was pouring down rain.  I am praying that everyone is out of them by now.

We still had a great weekend of doing practically nothing.  The only exception?  A huge fight with Hubband. and I mean knock down drag out.  [Side note: most of the blogs I read never mention conflict with their spouses.  Is it considered too personal?  Why blog if you’re not going to be personal?]  There was lots of shouting involved.  But it was over in about 7 minutes.  It cleared the air about some of the sacrifices we’ve been making.   With Hubby working 6 days a week, being gone 11 hours a day, we get very little time for each other.  And he’s, uh, pretty inefficient on the few chores he has, so it’s often after 10 before he sits down in the evening. I’m in bed by then.

We spent the rest of yesterday talking about things we can do to make ourselves happier.  So we watched a movie together last night.  That was refreshing.  And   I told him to relax about laundry. It would never be finished, and I didn’t really understand why he would waste family time on folding clothes, especially when I do so much of it myself during the day!  We seemed to reach an understanding that he should do the tasks he has agreed to do…and nothing more.  Some ladies might balk, thinking, “I would LOVE my husband to do more!”  Well, I’m better at many tasks, enjoy them more, and can complete them when he’s at work.  And while Hubband is working on not feeling stressed by chores, he gets overwhelmed and cranky.  I’d prefer more pleasant times.

So we’ve reached an agreement for now.  I know it’s temporary because our situation always seems to be in flux.  He is considering going to school for engineering, and that will take a major shift in how this house runs.  While he’s been able to be a bum when it comes to school, this path would require a lot of work since he’d still be full-time at his company.    We’ll revisit later.  I just hope we don’t have to shout about it, though (although i’ll say it was a nice release, and I got a dirty note from Hubby later told me how sexy I am when I’m angry!).




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