Where did my free time go?

7 07 2010

Or as blond Kimmie down the street might say, “I need ME time!”  My 2.5 year old KB has decided that naps are for the birds.  MeiMei still naps beautifully, and for a few weeks here, I was able to count on a later afternoon nap from both of them at the same time. Heaven!  But it would be terrible during dinnertime while KB tried to wake up–she’d usually just grouch around until bedtime.  So I stopped making her go to bed.

In some ways, it’s been great. She goes to bed earlier in the evening and seems better rested in general.  But I also mourn the loss of the child-free moments I was enjoying in the afternoon.  Needless to say, Hubband is getting plenty of kid time when he returns home from work.  I get dinner on the table, eat it, and then check out.

All that said, KB is napping. Right now.  About an hour ago, she asked for a nap.  I am betting this is not going to be a usual occurrence, so I let her. Only after falling on the floor in shock that she would ask to be away from me.  My baby is growing up!




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