One step closer to credit card freedom

17 07 2010

This week, we’ll be paying off our windows.  It might be surprising to many, but we actually decided to buy the windows during our debt free journey.  They were financed and honestly, quite expensive.  DR would not like it…and yet we have no regrets. Our house in Georgia had the original windows from the 1940s and they allowed water and bugs to get into the house.  After we replaced them, our lives were suddenly free from roaches (well, almost.  Those big ones are really persistent and can get through the doors…), our utility costs improved, and the house looked so much better.  I am so happy we did it.  We knew we were going to either sell the house or be landlords, so either way, it was an investment.

I am even happier, though, that with this payment, our revolving debt load will go from 13k to less then 5k, mainly because we’ve able to snowball more toward our final debt, too, with some creative planning and hard work.  Now we can throw that window payment toward our last credit card; what a relief!

Also, good news on the GA house front!  It did not sell in the 10 weeks it was on the market. It barely got any interest in fact.  It’s not an expensive house, and the folks who could afford it would’ve had a hard time getting financing anyway. I know because we were told that point blank by more than one person.  So we put the house up for rent, and it has rented.  We’ll be able to cover the mortgage, pest control, and have a few pennies left over to put in our emergency maintenance fund, which we have built up over the past couple of months.  I am thrilled.  Ryan has a family friend who is managing the property for us, and she not only has done a great job marketing, but she also replaced a kitchen drawer and did some other work in the kitchen.  What a great lady!

Needless to say, I’m in a fabulous mood today.  So good that I’ve done laundry with a smile on my face.




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