Almond Croissant Heaven

27 07 2010

The girls at Natasha Mulberry and Mott

Last week, Groupon had a deal for Natasha’s Mulberry and Mott bakery that I could not refuse.  $5 off!  I had been there once before and devoured a chocolate éclair and pain au chocolat.  So I bought two coupons, thinking I’d save them for special occasions.

Yeah, today was special. It’s Monday.  I packed the girls up, and we trekked all the way to south KC to eat delectable delights.  KB fell asleep on the way down, but was quickly awakened by the thought of a fresh cookie.  She ate half.  I ate an entire Religieuse pastry with pistachio icing.  It was devine.  This evening, though, I tried out Natasha’s version of my favorite pastry ever: almond croissant.

You’d think I would’ve shared with my husband.  I did not.  I ate both of them.  Before you think I’m a terrible wife, keep in mind that I did bring home a vanilla éclair (not so good, though. I recommend the other pastries) for him to try.  And I gave him a small bite of one croissant.

It’s probably a good thing that the bakery is quite a distance from the house.  I’d be an even bigger roly-poly by now if it were closer.




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