Delivered Organics

31 07 2010

I have finally entered the modern era by having my produce delivered. Well, it was only fruit, but I’d never tried it before. FreshConnect had a Groupon that I had to take advantage of (50% off), so we had a medium box of fruit dropped on our doorstep yesterday morning.

The fruit is gorgeous.  Hubband devoured the 1 grapefruit, saying it might be the best one he’s ever eaten.  Now, that’s not the biggest breakthrough considering how limited his culinary experiences were as a kid and young adult in Hamilton, GA, but it still bodes well.  We enjoyed a fragrant yet firm cantaloupe this morning and still have 2 other melons, some berries, bananas and more…tons of fruit! My only complaint is that they substituted one item for kiwi.  Now we have 2 lb of kiwi, and although I like the fruit, I’m not in love with it. And KB is allergic. She scratches her tongue after eating it, so we avoid it.  Let’s just say Hubby will be taking it to work. Every day this week.  And kiwi is now on our “never ever ever-don’t even think about delivering it” list with FC.

I appreciate that most of the produce is organic, especially since we consume so much of it in this household.  Maybe we’ll do this every other week.

Now if I could only figure out how to fit a maid into the budget.  Then I’d feel almost like a lady who lunches…without the lunch.




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