Chocolate Cake and Pink Pudding

5 08 2010

Today for lunch, I had chocolate cake and KB had pink pudding.  It has some strawberry banana flavor that is quite atrocious, but KB wanted it at the store, and to keep a fit at bay, I bought it.

I’m going to the 20 week ultrasound this afternoon.  The kids are even going to witness it if they behave.  We’ll hopefully get a gender confirmation, but more importantly, find out that the baby has all his/her organs in the right place with no problem. What would we do if there were a problem? I’m not sure, and  I won’t even venture a guess. Let’s just hope I don’t have to worry about that.

We are just about to start on a busy semester.  I’m taking a tax preparation course twice a week until Thanksgiving with the plan that I might be able to work part time in the spring.  And hubby is enrolled in a programming class (paid for by his company), also twice a week but during work hours.  He’ll have to make up the time by leaving early in the mornings.  Plus, KB is now going to take a music class every Tuesday.  I think she’ll enjoy making noise.

The fam is also pretty entrenched in a preschool search for KB.  It’s going to be expensive, and I’m not sure if I’m convinced she needs it. There is a public Montessori in town, and maybe i’ll just wait until she qualifies.  It would be nice to have a change of pace, though, for me…and not be engaged in child care 6 full days a week. I’m tired.

Anyway, all this is to say that we’re kind of busy.  I’m excited to be taking a class on something that could prove useful to me.  I heart school.




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