18 08 2010

I don't WANNA!

We managed to get outside this week. It has been so much cooler.

Inside, though, it’s been hot.  And dull.  Saving money is fun. It’s empowering. And it can be incredibly boring.  We stay at home most days to save on gas, and it’s beginning to get to me.  I really like having so much time to read, but I think I’ve reached my limit on how much I can actually read in a short period of time. I mean, I have gone through a 15 book tall stack of books in the past 10 days!

Sure, we’ve been doing crafts, cooking together, vegging, playing…I need more.  But until that final CC is paid off, I can’t relax.  So I’ll suck it up. Right now.  And I’ll look forward to free zoo days to local residents in the coming months.

My tax homework has been kind of fun, though.  I really like hearing my adding machine print the numbers.  (Kind of like being attracted to shiny things I guess)  I’ve had to stop myself from working ahead in the book.  I love school.




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