Where have we found money?

18 08 2010

On my debt board, there’s a discussion on what people do to “find” money to pay off debt.  It got me thinking about some of the things we have done other than just “budget”. Some easy, some not so much.

–Sold tons of books from graduate school.  Over 1500 bucks right there. (too bad I probably paid three times that)

–Sold hubby’s car: it was at a terrible rate and still had years left on it

–Begged online for new furniture rather than buying new: yes, we were successful. Nothing beautiful, but we got a ton of free stuff.

–Planned all meals

–Sold anything we didn’t love in the house: once the baby grows out of stuff, it all goes, too!

-Suspended my data plan on the cell phone

–Cut alcohol consumption: Easy now that I’m pregnant again!

–Increased our car insurance deductibles: WAIT until you have savings to actually cover the deductible!  When we bought the van, we also researched cars to make sure we weren’t choosing one considered “risky”.

–Stopped shopping for clothing and shoes unless absolutely necessary

–Eliminated boredom trips to the store

and then of course, is the biggest contribution…Hubby got a second job on the weekends.  That brings in a nice chunk for debt payoff.  It will not last forever! It will not last forever!

I should add that there have been things we did NOT do.  We did not cut cable.  We do not make major food sacrifices. Sure, our budget is 90/week, hardly a ton, but we could do it for less. It wouldn’t be healthy enough for our taste, though.  And we do not throw every last found penny to debt. Sometimes, we go out to eat or at least get some ice cream.  Life’s too short for non-stop penny pinching.  But every restaurant meal we forgo leads to faster debt repayment, so that is always on our minds.




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