Anxiety level check

30 08 2010

Now that we’ve got that final CC payment scheduled, my anxiety level has gone down quite a bit!  Instead of owing the bank, we owe ourselves.  I have enjoyed plugging in numbers every day to estimate how quickly we’ll build up the 12k we need at bare minimum for emergencies.    At least we’re not starting at $0.

At snack time, MeiMei is lucky to get KB's scraps.

What’s nice is that even though we have an unplanned medical expense coming up in a month, we can easily cover it by increasing our sinking fund contributions for a couple of pay periods.  Hopefully, though, hubby will brush his teeth better and not have fillings next checkup.  BTW I got a clean bill of oral health. Of course, I haven’t had an x-ray in years since I’ve been pregnant for my last three checkups, so I have no idea what’ll happen next time.   I’m sure we’ll be able to pay cash without an effort, though!

The girls are doing so well.  KB rattles off *please* and *thank-you* with little prompting, and she saves her tantrums for hubband, which makes her perfect in my eyes.  MeiMei hasn’t taken her first steps yet, but she can stand up on her own and is so close!  I am so blessed by my angels and can’t wait to see how things will go when the baby boy comes.




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