7 09 2010

I hate that word. Staycation.  It’s really not a vacation because honestly, if you’re staying home, it’s called “life”, right?  But maybe not. Maybe I just had one.

My husband’s parents have been here since last Friday, and we’ve done a lot of relaxing without our children.  I’ve missed the girls…a lot, in fact…and yet I’ve also enjoyed having a quiet house and the ability to jump in the car and go where I want when I want!  KB hasn’t wanted to even see us. Last night, she reluctantly came home to get a good night’s rest.  And then happily jumped in her Opa’s arms this morning to go for another adventure.

The downside of vacation?  The scale wasn’t too friendly at the 24 week appointment this morning.  They were actually worried about complications since it seemed so sudden.  I blamed salty restaurant food and vowed to eat only half a dozen cookies a day from now on.  (that’ll be harder than it sounds)

So off to eat rabbit food.  And enjoy my final day or two of silence in the house before the in-laws head back to GA.




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