Fall in KCMO

11 09 2010

Yes, it’s fall.  Summer lasted from Memorial Day until Labor Day.  That is an impossibility in the deep south, where we usually start suffering in early April and stop sweating in October.  I’m thrilled.  Of course, I’ve been warned that winter will be bad, but I’ve experienced cold snowiness in Colorado and sweltering heat in South Florida, so temperature extremes are not foreign to me.  It’ll be fine. One benefit to being at home so much is that bad weather doesn’t affect our plans too much.

Hubby is at his second job all weekend.  I’m so relieved he decided to work both days to make up for our vacation last week.  But I do miss him, as do the kids.  They’ll be okay, though.  In December, his second job days will stop for awhile–in fact, if I get my seasonal work, he should have a 4-5 month hiatus, and he’ll have plenty of time for kiddy time.  Then once my job is over, we’ll re-evaluate.

Speaking of evaluating, we’re talking about planning a vacation.  Not just any vacation, but a full-on family blowup in a few years.  As much as I love my children, I don’t need to take an infant abroad, so we’ll wait until they’re a tad older.

Where will we go?  Right now we’re in the fantasy stage.  I’d like to leave our continent.  I have a Brazilian friend who has invited me so many times to come visit him, but Singapore is also calling my name. Honestly, all I care about is the eating.  Hopefully we’ll have a plan soon and can start saving. I’m anticipating big $$ for a family of five.




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