Preschool, pretty please?

14 09 2010

KB needs to go to preschool. Once new baby comes, we have to have an outlet where she can play with kids her age. Today we went to music class, and it was a disaster.  She refused to do anything the teacher said for the 3rd week in a row.  I had had enough at the 30 minute mark, so we left.  I think we’re done with that experiment.

But now that means we’re home even more.

It’s difficult for me to go to the playground even since MeiMei wants to be put down so she can play, too. Unfortunately, she also wants to eat every leaf, stick, or piece of turf.  And she is waaaaay too heavy to tote around in a carrier (which seems to be everyone’s suggestion…I mean, she weighs almost as much as KB and I’m not sure if my belly can take it anyway).

Maybe once we get a house with a yard, it’ll be better.  Who knows when that’ll be!

At least the kids are cute and sweet most of the time.  You can’t be mad for long!




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