Exercise during Pregnancy

19 09 2010

You may wonder, Why is she posting a picture of a pizza under the title “Exercise during pregnancy?”.  Fair question. Let’s just say that last night’s pizza was a great motivating factor in my getting off my butt this morning.

This muffin helped, too.  And this is supposedly a “healthy” muffin (is a muffin every healthy?  For some reason, I only consider fruits and vegetables “healthy”.  Muffins fall into different categories: bad for you and not-so-bad for you).  I had two for breakfast.  Plus a yogurt. And a banana, to offset the rest.

So after I put MeiMei down for a nap this morning, I pulled out my Turbojam.  I did the 17 minute workout and then about 10 minutes of weight lifting.  Things didn’t get tough until the resistance training–I found myself yawning a bit too much. I’m not sleepy, so I think I needed a bit more oxygen. Next time, I’ll take it a bit easier.  Tomorrow might be a sore day, but it’s worth it.  Walking out of the hospital a flabby mess with no muscle tone scares me this time.

If you know me, you would be surprised to hear me say that. My past two pregnancies, I have allowed myself plenty of treats.  With KB, I gained 22 lb, 15 in the last 3 weeks alone (obviously water weight) and while I was soft, I left the hospital wearing regular clothing.  The weight was gone in a week.  With MeiMei, I gained 30 lb and was fat for quite awhile afterward.  I still have some leftover changes that may never go back…this time I resolve to do my darndest to avoid going hog-wild.

I’m also scared to death, considering I’ve had several people tell me that baby #3 can be the worst for causing unpleasant and permanent body changes.  For now, I’m going to keep an image of Heidi Klum in my head and assume I’ll be ready for the runway quicker than I can say “healthy muffin”.




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