A little treat

26 09 2010

I bought myself something for fun this week.  Yes, a set of plates.  But they excite me more than most things.  A few years ago, I collected a large amount of Vernonware, California hand-painted pottery–enough to stock my cabinets with plates and bowls.  I also have a couple of platters and pitchers.  And a cute butter dish.  My husband broke the butter dish last week and said I could buy something to replace it.

So are the plates I bought butter dishes?


I found another butter dish in the pantry, so I decided get myself these four plates.   I’ve always loved this pattern, but it’s a bit rare.  The name of it-BelAir-reminds me of the street where I grew up.  And the overall look makes me almost giddy.

Total cost for this joy?  $23.

The last time I bought myself something silly?  Uh…unless you count cookies, it’s been a long time.  So I consider this totally worth it.

Financial update: Hubby and I are on track to have saved 3 months (or so) of expenses by Christmas, maybe a little after.

Exercise update: I worked out 5 days last week.  Today starts another (week 27 of my pregnancy) and I’ve already done 40 minutes of cardio.  My weight gain has stalled–that’s a good thing, remember?- and I am feeling better than I ever have while pregnant.




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