Maybe I’m not ready for cooler weather

5 10 2010

Daytime is great. Nighttime? Not so much. I’m freeeezing!  The house has been 64 degrees all day, so I’m wearing a sweatshirt.  I even slept in one last night.  This is a gal who wears shorts all year round at night and leaves the fan on. I like coolness. The house, though, is conspiring against me.  The poor insulation that I hated in the summer is what I will hate in winter.

One big difference though.

I can use quilts. Lots of them.

In the summer, I can get only so naked.  I like wearing clothing to bed.  I like my nose to be chilly.  Over this past summer, I was forced to use no blankets.  Some nights, not even a sheet.  It was miserable.  So for all my complaining about the cold, it’s better than the heat.

Plus, great news. Our electric bill is finally down under $200.  I’m hoping for about $150 this month.  Things will get more expensive once we run the heat, but I’m determined to keep the heat off until there’s a risk of frozen pipes. Until then, we’ll bundle up.


KB won’t bundle up.  She hates pants. She hates jackets. She likes spaghetti strap dresses.  And sandals.   Tonight she went on a run with hubby and would only allow a blanket be wrapped around her princess dress.  We must look like such neglectful parents.  But it’s either let the girl be cool or let the girl scream her head off.  For those of you rolling your eyes assuming you’d be able to control this situation better than I, well, sorry. You’d fail miserably.  I am the queen of my domain, but there are battles I won’t fight. And this is one.  My daughter is the empress of stubborn.  She’ll be great in the corporate world and will crush that glass ceiling…with her “princess hat” (aka tiara).

MeiMei is cooperative.  But she sometimes grabs my nipple through my shirt and laughs. No kid’s perfect.

Anyway, I’ve worked out 5 times a week for the past two weeks.  Can’t tell with my scale too well-since it sucks-but it looks like I’ve kept the weight in check. The workouts are getting easier, too.  Nice.




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