No changes, no news…or not?

20 10 2010

I’ve been away for a little bit.  Mainly because there haven’t been a ton of things going on with daily life worth reporting. I’ve kept up my work-outs religiously. 5 times a week! My weight is looking great at the 30 week mark.   I appear to have passed my gestational diabetes test since it’s been almost 2 weeks, and I haven’t heard from the OB.  We’ve managed to sock away a nice savings, almost 2 months’ worth of full expenses.  The girls are, well, growing up too fast as usual.

But wait! MeiMei is walking!  She isn’t full-time serious on it, but after teasing us for a couple of months, she has started taking a few steps at a time before dropping to her power crawl.  Over the past couple of days, it’s ramped up, so I know it’s a matter of time before she’s fully upright and mobile at the same time.

And there’s more news!  It’s not good. This house has a mold problem.  Running the AC masked the issue before because it was pulling humidity out of the house and keeping the smell in the basement.  Now, musty wet air comes floating up, and it is disgusting. Turns out our property manager was fired for embezzlement,  so we’re meeting up with the new guy today.  At the very least, we need a de-humidifier, but really, whatever is causing the moisture buildup has to be targeted. I’m not clear on where it’s coming from. I’ve lived in plenty of old houses, but never one that smelled like this.

Now that I’ve got your attention, I’ve got a breaking story, too…wait for it…I have a local friend! I’ve actually been to her house…TWICE…and she’s come to my house.  She has a son a year younger than KB, so it’s been a good match. And to all those naysayers of internet friendship, that’s where we met.  On my debt board.  So nanny nanny booboo!

I’ll end with a new conundrum.  This year, we want to scale down Christmas. A lot.  The family usually draws names for all the siblings and we spend 50 bucks each on them, so it ends up costing 100/couple. Then we shop for my parents and all the kids.  Well, we probably won’t spend more than 50 dollars TOTAL on our children, and we’ll have three of them by the holiday, so I’m debating what to do.   Hubby and I will most likely not exchange gifts.  Out of all the younger generation, my family makes the least money, and we soon will have the most people.  But we’re not really struggling; things are just tighter for us.  Much tighter.  Anyway, I’d prefer if we stepped away from all the spending and sent a fat check to charity instead.  So hubby and I have been looking at the Heifer International catalog.  I’d like to make this an annual tradition in lieu of all the spending.

Am I a scrooge?  We already have very little extra money lying around, and we’ll have more expenses this year with the new baby coming. And I don’t expect my husband’s second job income to go toward gifts.  Maybe next year our financial position will be different…I still like the idea of giving to those in need instead.  We’ll see what happens this year.






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