The oppressive (and sometimes quite stupid) majority

23 10 2010

I frequent a website that provides support for secular homeschoolers.  Yes, support.  It is hard to navigate the homeschooling world when you’re not beating Bibles because so many of the activity groups are based on evangelical teachings.  Recently, the owner of the site came under fire because she participates in activities with homeschoolers of all types, including religious ones.  She considered dropping the entire blog.  How infuriating.

I feel like we have let unhappy, bored, and nosy people decide how we live our lives.  We recently got a newsletter from the neighborhood association (not HOA thank goodness!  we don’t have to deal with one) reminding us to watch our children when they’re playing. WHAT?  We all live on busy streets. Nobody’s letting they’re kids go wild.  And what’s wrong with wild behavior anyway?  It’s not hurting anyone.  Made me want to throw the entire newsletter in the trash, which I actually did after reading a tidbit on how “obamacare” is ruining freedom in this country.  Idiots.

Even my neighbor lectured me for letting my (almost) 3 year old play on the sidewalk.  I was right there while she was running around.  What the hell?  I then gladly invited the other neighbor’s kids over to my yard so they could roll down the grassy hill onto the sidewalk. They had a great time.  And I felt quite smug.

Bad things happen.  But in this city, there are things worth getting angry about.  Abject poverty.  Struggling schools.  Texting while driving (yes, it makes me furious). Fill in the blank.  Someone’s blog?  Nah, not worth sweating.  Kids having fun??  Good Lord, no.  Let’s focus negative energy on the problems worth fixing and stop trying to deflect attention from whatever we’re doing that’s embarrassing by pointing the spotlight at an innocent party.  I’m convinced that most of these folks never really grew up and are just adult bullies.

On a happy note, I got my new kickboxing workout in the mail and did it yesterday. It didn’t kick a box. It kicked my ass.  Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!




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