Long lovely weekend

7 11 2010

We had a great visit with Gigi and Pop!  KB really enjoyed the time with her grandparents and was practically floating the entire time.  At this very moment, she is enjoying her cupcakes from her birthday celebration. I have been, too. She is spoiled rotten. But so charming.

KB greeted my dad with “I’m so glad to see you”, and I think it surprised him a lot!  I’m thinking she has a future in diplomacy.  MeiMei, on the other hand, despite being the angel of the family, was downright miserable for much of yesterday.  She is teething, not sleeping well, and overall, is grouching more than KB usually does.  Poor thing. It’s so hard being a baby.

We have two weeks to prepare for my mother’s visit (we call her Yia Yia).  She’s actually staying at the house, so we have to clean.  I’m not too optimistic.  After she leaves, we’ll have a couple of weeks like normal, and then the girls are going to Georgia for 2 whole weeks to stay with the two sets of grandparents there.  TWO WEEKS! I’m going to miss them, but hopefully this time will give me and hubband the chance to have a new baby and get used to having a newborn around again.  For the last time. Boohoo.

Anyway, boring post, but it’s been awhile.  I’m still working out and pinching pennies, although with the holidays coming up, we’ve spent a little.  Plus, we purchased a piece of furniture for toy storage from a local vintage market.  I could’ve bought half the store…it’s such a slippery slope on furniture shopping for me.





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