Spared No More

8 11 2010

Today is a sad day.  After two months of diligent workouts and watching my weight gain like a hawk, I found a new stretch mark right smack in the middle of my belly.  To top it off, my belly button is stretched more than it ever has been, so it might even pop out this time.  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??  Really, I haven’t gained a pound in 9 weeks!

I should have expected something when Hubby greeted me this morning with “Did that baby grow overnight?”  My belly feels huge and now my maternity shirts aren’t covering it completely. Did it happen this early with other pregnancies? I don’t remember. I guess I shouldn’t care.  With up to seven weeks left on the pregnancy horizon, though, it’s hard to take comfort right now.

It appears that I’ve been suddenly hit by lots of other knocked up pleasures.  I’ve been really tired, and there are moments when I can’t catch my breath.  Owell, it’ll be over soon enough.  I think I can, I think I can.




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