The holiday slowdown

3 12 2010

Things have been kind of hectic. and not. At the same time.  As my belly has continued to grow, my level of exhaustion has, too.  But I got  nice break recently and probably added to the belly growth-and i’m not talking about “baby growth”- while my mother visited.

Yes, we ate. We ate and ate and ate.  Hubby and YiaYia drank, too.  I made pie (one okay, the other a disaster) and  lava cake (overwhelming success), and otherwise pretty much let my mother spoil me and the girls.  My children were in hog heaven as their YiaYia made meatloaf, pork chops, roast turkey. Scratch that. Hubby was in heaven over all the meat. The girls loved the desserts, but really loved all the playtime.

Going out, though? Not so much.  Twice, KB had enormous fits while we were out.  We got sympathy…and hostility from other shoppers.  Needless to say, mom didn’t really believe me when I said she never does this with me.  I don’t have time to deal with it, so I blamed lack of sleep and moved on.    We all miss YiaYia now, but the girls will be leaving in less than 2 weeks for Georgia.  Those lucky gals to have so much loving family.

I’ve had my feet up a lot.  Very nice.  And I’ve stopped with the workouts. I had my last one last week when I was 35 weeks 3 days pregnant.  I started feeling so bad and out of it afterward I didn’t want to risk going into labor.  It’s probably a good thing I’ve been taking it easy because I’m 3cm dilated (not even 37 weeks yet).    We scheduled my induction for the 23rd just in case the baby doesn’t come. I am hoping not to make it that far.  the 16th or 17th would be perfection.

Will it happen when I want? OF COURSE NOT. I have begun my tax pro paid training now and have 5 sessions left until the 15th. I thought that would be it until January. Nope.  There are more sessions, and I’m hoping that they are not scheduled for Christmas week.  I need that week so I can actually mother my newborn.  Hence the induction date set when it is.  Lettuce pray it all works out well.  The training sessions I’m in now don’t seem super vital to day-to-day operations–much of it is soft skill training, something I’ve received plenty of over the years.  You know, smile, be accountable, love your job type stuff.  I’m a good worker bee. I’ll be okay.

So you see I’ve been busy, and yet had easy days. Hubband has stepped up the housework to the point of making me feel super guilty about it, and the girls have been pretty tolerant of my lack of energy. KB would happy staying home all day every day.  These days, I’m inclined to feel the same.

On the other hand, did I mention I’m having a baby any day now?  It still hasn’t hit me that I’ll have a son soon.  I’m so looking forward to it.




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