Daddy going to work

5 12 2010

Since we moved to Kansas City, Hubband has gone to work every weekend with little exception.  He’s had 1 day off for every 13 on, bringing in extra money for our snowball.  It is coming to an end this evening.  We don’t know if he’ll return in the late spring once tax season is over–he might–but for now, he’s finished being away so much.

I’m very happy about it. The girls haven’t been spending enough time with him.  KB, though, will have some adjusting to do.

Over Thanksgiving, Hubby was home for 4 straight days, and KB kept asking when he was going to work.  She did the same thing yesterday after breakfast and again this morning.  He did actually go this weekend, and she seemed relieved.  Guess this kiddo likes routine.  A lot.

What’s it going to be like with Daddy plus girls?  We’ve already had dress rehearsals with my going to tax class twice a week in the evenings.  Last week I had three days of training, and we only had one meltdown before departure.  The girls will have to get used to a different style of discipline, especially since Hubby tends to be a hammer on things I don’t worry about,  while I put my foot down about other things.  Master manipulator KB will have to figure out what works on her father –she really is a genius when it comes to getting her way.  But maybe, just maybe, there will be a huge benefit to this change of pace. Maybe KB will potty train.

It’d be  nice.  However,  I’m frightened of the battle of the wills. This kid has figured out that her little sister gets away with things since she’s the “baby”, so she demands to be called a baby, too.  No big girls in this house. We’re all just babies.

I know I am when it comes to addressing this so-called issue.  I think I’ll go suck my thumb now and hug my blanky.




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