Battle Plan…for now

6 12 2010

I realized we haven’t given a financial update in awhile…things are fine. Not great, but fine. Hubband’s car required a new tire and probably requires another one or at least a repair. Not sure what he’s been running over, but he puts a lot of miles on his car every week, so it’s bound to happen.  My car’s rotors are warped and need to be replaced, so that’s another few hundred.  We’ve been able to cash flow *without* dipping into savings, but it still hurts my heart to see our sinking funds, well, sink out of sight.

My mom’s visit cost us a lot in food.  It was great fun, though, so I have no regrets. We’ve still added to savings, and we should be around our 3 months of expenses goal by early January.

After that?  well, that’s where plans have changed.  I had originally proposed us paying off Hubby’s car and then digging in to buy a house.  Notice that student loans remain on the back burner.  And they will remain so barring any windfall.  But after thinking about it, Hubband and I have agreed to sock away every dime from tax preparation and from our leftover each month.  We’ll finish our 6 month emergency fund and start building a downpayment for the house.

Why ignore the car?  We’re not sure we’re going to keep the car.  After we bought it, it immediately needed AC repair, which we still haven’t done.  Its turbo is on the way out, and it needs some other maintenance as it approaches 100k.  It’s not a bad car at all.  However, we think we might not need it.

What??? Live without another car?

I’m getting to that.

We’re thinking of moving across town. Not until our lease expires, though, at the end of September 2011.  The main reason is that our lovely Victorian rental is so energy inefficient.  The house was over 80 in the summer even with the AC on full-time, and now, it’s very cold. There is a draft from every window and door. We put up plastic on the windows upstairs, but it’s still freezing.  The big window downstairs is too big for such a covering, so we’re going to resort to drapes…if I feel like buying them.  Anyway, the thought is that we might move into an apartment or smaller home for a year so we’re at least comfortable while saving money.  It’d be different if I weren’t at home with the kids.  We could go to work and not even think about how miserable the house is.  Full-time in this sauna/igloo aint’ fun, though.  The plan would be to find something closer to Hubband’s work and be a 1 car + my mom’s old car family.  Her car is fine, but not one that deserves a long commute.  It needs more TLC.

So that would be our plan. Hopefully we’d have about 20k saved up by then, possibly more depending on whether we continue having one of us work parttime evenings/weekends. I think a little sacrifice will make it worth it.  I’m sure the plan, however, will change again sometime.




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