Christmas Windfall

9 12 2010

So as you know, we’re in the process of saving for an emergency fund.  I’d been aiming for 5k by Christmas–having started in September I guess–and we have been close…kind of.  There are always setbacks, though.

As I’ve said before, my mom’s visit cost us a lot. I have no guilt over it and we still have plenty of stuff from our shopping left over, but it decimated our snowball for that paycheck.

We also bought a piece of furniture. It was $250 for this great refurbished hutch. We’re using it for the girls’ toys.  Still, $250.  Not in savings.

Christmas gifts cost us a little more than I expected.  We even did not participate in the Secret Santa, but we still had plenty of people to shop for. (That reminds me, we have got to get the final gifts in the mail)

Today, though, we received three unexpected bonuses.  We got a cash gift in the mail. Our USAA auto insurance dividend. And a Christmas bonus from Hubby’s work. WTF? A work bonus? Suh-WEET!  Now we’ll make our Christmas goal and keep moving forward building our cushion. It feels so good to have the dough socked away for emergencies.  I think when it comes time to save for a downpayment, I’m not going to want to let that money go!




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