Last Day of Quiet

29 12 2010

I "love" bathtime. And by "love" I mean "hate".

My girls are still in GA visiting grandparents.  I am so grateful for this time alone with our newest addition Baby Amak.  Baby is a nice mix of his two sisters. He’s not as laid back as MeiMei–really, how many angels can one family ask for anyway–but we have been spared having another KB.  That poor kiddo had too many gastro problems and was grumpy for months.  Amak is happy cuddling and nursing, but he has no middle ground. He’s happy or yelling.  At least the yells are relatively quiet.

I am, however, so pleased that my girls are coming home tomorrow evening!  My in-laws will be here for a few days beyond that, so they’ll get to meet Amak and help the girls transition.

What else is new?  Well, I’m facing the same nursing problems as I did with my last two kids.  On week 2 of dagger pain, hoping it fades soon…it has in the past.  On the other hand, I have a newborn who will sleep in his crib!  Sure, he’s not that excited about it. In mommy’s arms with a nipple in his mouth *just in case* is so much more fun for him. But the prospect of having three kids in this house has made the need for a rested family much more urgent.  Hubby has been too generous, taking the night shifts without complaint, while I’ve been able to sleep.  Luckily, Amak isn’t as high maintenance as he could be, and it’s getting better every night.  I’m owning it.

Yes he’ll sleep.


Oh, and I’m already back at work. It’s just a few hours a week right now but by the end of January, it will ramp up.  Lettuce pray we can all handle it. The extra boost to our savings will be welcomed.

Speaking of moolah, we have finally now opted IN to Hubby’s retirement plan!  Only 5%, but with match and the company pension contribution, it comes out to 13.75%.  Once liquid savings looks better, we’ll up to 10% (making it 22.5% total), but for now, our small start will have to do. Feels good to be getting back on track…




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