A Miracle Drop

30 12 2010

Lemme sing from the rooftops the benefits of watching weight gain during pregnancy!  All the baby weight falls off after the birth!  Yes, it can happen, even if this is your third child.  The end number for me was 20lb, half of it during the last few weeks of pregnancy.

You might say, Uh, it’s always just melted off for me and left me svelte and looking like Heidi Klum…within minutes of birth. Well, that hasn’t always been my experience.  With KB, it was all gone within a week, but that was due to having no money for food and no time to eat anyway. MeiMei left me with an extra 10lb for several months.  I had to work hard to get those off.

This time, though, here I am 10 days postpartum and it’s all gone!  Maybe even more will disappear, and I, too, will be Heidi Klum before bikini season (since as you know, I am such a sun worshiper…hmmm…) .  My waist actually exists despite the floppy skin in my lower abdomen.  I can even button my pre-preggo jeans. Notice I said “button” and not “wear”. I need things to tighten up before wearing those in public.

You might also say, Lady, stop obsessing about your weight. You took 9 months to put it on. Take it easy. I just can’t be lax with myself.  I am still 45 lb overweight.  I have been for quite some time. No need to wait any longer. And to re-iterate, most of the weight gain consisted of the baby and its accoutrements as well as water in the last few weeks

I won’t be working out for a few more weeks.  There is still healing to be done.  But I honestly cannot wait to break open my new heart rate monitor and Zumba tapes (courtesy of Hubby for Xmas).




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