A SAHM’s Duties

4 01 2011

We’re only on day two of three-kids-under-my-care, and it’s got me wondering.  How much housework should a SAHM (stay at home mom) really do?

On my birth boards on Babycenter, many women argue that they should do all of it.  Others split duties with their husbands. Some even say their job is not to do housework at all: it’s to watch the kids and provide experiences for them.  I don’t have strong opinions either way, except that I do not think a SAHM should be house-slave.

For me, pregnancy blew me away and kept me from keeping the house as clean as I wanted. Sure, this one was easier than the other two, but I also had two small children at home with me all day.  I also had committed to working out each and every day, taking time away from housework. Hubby approved of this plan.  But he also took on a lot of the chores. At the end…pretty much all of them.  Somehow, though, cleaning toilets remained my domain.  Not a bad trade.

Now, I look around a house that is a complete disaster area.  Clean laundry is everywhere, toys are thrown all over the floor.  Just clutter on every inch of space.  It is driving me crazy.

So I’ve got to get myself back on track.  The house will not be perfect again for awhile. The girls can only contribute to cleaning so much.  For now, I’ll settle for controlled chaos.




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