Working a Double

5 01 2011

My job has started.  I have really enjoyed my new colleagues so far. They are smart and funny, and while some outsiders might claim these folks aren’t accountants and therefore can’t be trusted, they really know their stuff.  And take it very seriously.  I think I’ll fit right in.

We’re still in training to learn the lay of the land at the office.  Tonight is our final dress rehearsal before my first official afternoon on Sunday.

Am I nuts?  I think sometimes I am.  Working just a couple of weeks postpartum is challenging.   The breast pump has been sorely neglected due to time constraints during the day…plus my sessions have been so short, making pumping seem silly.  And I am TIRED by the time I get home after 9pm.  My childcare duties begin as early as 6am (thankfully not that early too often) so I feel like I’m working a double shift.  Of course, Hubby is doing the same thing just in reverse. The difference is that pretty soon, he’ll have limited childcare duties in the evening because the kids will be in bed. We’ll be getting the baby on a routine soon enough.

But for now, it’s worth it. I’ve been looking at houses all over Kansas City in search of a relatively safe AND interesting neighborhood where we can settle.  All this work should help us reach that goal.  In the end, I’m doing it all for the kids anyway. We need a yard!

Yeah, it's a railyard, but it'll have to do until we get some grass outside.




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