Boob Fiend

8 01 2011

Well, the boobie bandit has gained two pounds in two weeks.  WOW!  At least all that eating had a good outcome.

I know new moms feel trapped by their infants who breastfeed.  i can relate even though I know exactly what to expect from a newborn!  Amak nurses constantly and when he’s not eating, he wants to be held.  At night, he’s sleeping away from us thankfully, but we’re tired from carrying a 9lb weight around all day.  Yeah, it won’t last.  Even though I’m exhausted right now, I know this kid won’t want me to hold him when he’s older. And he certainly won’t need me like he does now.  So I’m trying my darndest to savor these moments.

Right now, I’m watching Hubby settle Amak down for the night.  You know the drill. Baby is tired, and yet does not want to go to bed. Pretty typical, eh?  It’s so nice seeing Hubs rather calm around this crying baby as opposed to being upset and taking it personally. Sure, it still happens to the most experienced parents, but not as often.  Babies cry and fuss because that’s the only language they know.   They don’t even know why they’re crying sometimes. Or why the dryer or vacuum comforts them…





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