Snow day!

10 01 2011

It’s beautiful outside.  We have about three inches of snow on the ground, practically a blizzard by Southern standards, barely a whisper by my Minnesotan friends. I don’t care whether it *counts* because it’s still fun.   The girls can’t wait to get outside and play in it.  And since I have new snow boots, I can’t wait, either!

What’s not as much fun is worrying about my husband driving to work in Olathe. 26 miles each way.  He left early for extra time this morning, and it took him an hour.  Sure, he has AWD, but I’m still happy he’ll be leaving work early (to work from home) and won’t be in the middle of rush hour this evening.

Speaking of AWD, we are seriously thinking about unloading his car ASAP.  It needs more repair than we’d like, and we already have an extra car lying around that seems to just need a tune-up to get running. It’s not ideal for snow because it’s rear-wheel drive, but Hubby can take the van in bad weather if necessary.  It drives fine in ice.

Getting rid of the car note would free up about 250/month once we canceled insurance.  Of course, I have no idea how much we’ll get for the car.   As long as we can pay off the note and pay ourselves back in a few months for the maintenance we’ll have to do to the car to make it sale worthy, I don’t care.  Once we have plenty of money in savings and are more settled, we can get Hubby a more reliable car.  The word “sensible” comes to mind…




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