17 01 2011

Our home is overrun with stuff.  It isn’t a big house–about 1700 sqft–but that’s hardly a shack.  And I feel like I’m suffocating from the piles of crap lying around.

Toys. Magazines and books. Kitchen tools. Clothing. *Other*. Bleh.  I have many things my mother has passed on to me that I have been unable to let go of for sentimental reasons.  For instance?  A Popsicle stick and marble lamp that makes me laugh. It makes horrible light, though.

Such fine craftsmanship.

There’s also the miniature outhouse that is indicative of my mother’s taste for primitive art.

Complete with primitive toilet inside. For the dolls, of course.

It’s actually really cool! But KB has gotten splinters from playing with it, and right now, it doesn’t fit anywhere in this house.

And then, of course, there’s this:

No, I will not take a nap!

Yeah, the Union Mission Thrift store will not accept him, even though I tried…just kidding!  But he does make it hard to keep the house clean these days.  Amak is still very cuddly, and while he’ll sleep at night (did I mention he slept almost 8 hours straight last night??), he likes mommy’s arms during the day.

With our storage problem (2.5 closets in the entire house, despite having 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms as well as no attic and a wet basement), things have got to go.  I’m starting with Hubby’s clothing. I’m thinking two sets of everything is all he needs.  The rest can go.  Okay, I’m lying. I’m starting with my own stuff and hoping to be a good influence.  ByeBye, outhouse. ByeBye, marble lamp. ByeBye, clutter.




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