18 01 2011

I took my own advice and culled.  Down more than 6 pair of shoes and some clothing as well.  I can’t quite get down to the recommended 10 pair, but I’m close enough to feel lighter.

Will this suffice for now? Nope.  I am determined to have fewer *random crap* boxes the next time we move.  All the tchotchkes make me crazy. I never know what to do with them, so it’s not like they’re making my house a better place.

However, I do realize my house shouldn’t be bare. That’s no fun, either.

So I’m digging for small-scale inspiration.  My first find was a 6 month old issue of House Beautiful magazine, whose theme in July was small spaces.  What luck that my mom had sent it to me recently!  Here I am complaining about living in 1700 sqft with not enough closets, and the mag is hailing families living in far less…as small as a few hundred feet at most.   I don’t need to cut back that far, not even close, but having some smart storage solutions as well as *gasp* less stuff would do us a load of good.  Makes the prospect of moving into a smaller home less daunting.  ‘Cause it most certainly appears to be a necessity when looking at affordable homes.  Remember, though, that we’d be downsizing from 1700 sqft, hardly a mansion, so it still IS daunting.

We’ll make it work, we’ll make it work.




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