Snow again.

19 01 2011

Today we’re expecting a snow storm. This time, it’s expected to come down fast, so we actually qualify for a winter storm warning rather than just an advisory. Should be fun. And cold.

Last storm, we didn’t get to build a snowman. We tried, but a little mound is as far as we got with the powdery snow.

Like my new boots?  In some ways, I’ve become what I always dreaded being. The SAHM with her jeans tucked into snow boots.  But Hubby says I look sexy and since I feel as sexy as an elephant in labor, I’ll stick with this look for now.

And really, isn’t the transformation to SAHM only complete when I’m wearing the snow boots in 70 degree weather with yoga pants and my freshly highlighted hair in a ponytail?

So I’ve still got a ways to go. Please send donations so I can actually get my hair  highlighted.





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