Offer me a job, please!

20 01 2011

This has been one of those days.    It is 4:30pm and I am watching the clock for hubby to come home. Of course, he’s not going to be home at 4:45 as usual. Instead, it’ll be closer to 6:00pm if we’re lucky.  He left late because of all the snow yesterday–wanted to make sure it was plowed–and he had to shovel outside.  Despite my pleas he just take PTO, he can’t anyway because the car is still in the shop even though they gave a 3pm ready time before.

Whine fest over.

Or maybe not.

Why do I want Hubby home?  Because KB has cried too many times today. Because MeiMei decided to climb all over me while I was nursing Amak so I had to punish her. Because Amak, as adorable as he is, nurses so often and then gave us tons of trouble last night leading to Hubby not getting enough rest before having to dig the car out and make the treacherous drive to work.

It’s not just that, though. I. Am. Bored.  Today, despite all the misbehaving and other excitement, I feel like nothing more than Bessy, the babysitting heifer.  My days are interminably long.  There are moments when I feel very trapped inside my house.  Ok, not moments. Entire weeks.  Yeah, I’m working now, but it’s seasonal and mind you, I’m going to work AFTER a long day with the kids.  It is beyond exhausting on those days.

I know the nursing won’t last forever and that Amak will learn to nap. I know that we’ll be able to leave the house eventually.   Even then, pinching pennies makes it difficult to leave the house.  The house with no yard.  With barely any room to move because of all this crapola.

In the meantime, I will enjoy making payments to savings with my work paycheck.  I will enjoy having the luxury of being home with my children, something many women would really like.  I will enjoy being able to wear my pajamas all day if I feel like it.  But I will also enjoy perusing the classifieds, looking for the perfect parttime job to me the stimulation I need and the free time I desire to spend with my children.  The perfect amount of togetherness.




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