The Nosiest Gal in Town

21 01 2011

Yup, that’s me.  I want to know the details on everyone’s circumstances.  What do they do all day?  How much did their homes cost?  What’s family life like for them?  I could go on and on. That’s why the blogging world is so wonderful to me. People share what they’re up to, sometimes baring their souls for the world to see.  I practically munch on overpriced popcorn and pop while sopping up the drama.  It’s that much fun to me.

Because my own family is on debt attack, I do prowl around for financial blogs.  Some are dull, listing debts and paychecks and snowballs.  Others are practical and amusing (who knew it was possible?) with extra tidbits on their lives thrown in there.  Many of the blogs have become too commercial and are peppered with advertisements next to the blog posts, under the blog posts, and even within the blog posts.  Usually, I’m not so interested in hearing about how buying a product will save me money.  Once a blog reaches that stage, I remove them from my favorites.

It’s a sad day when the blogs throw in the commercial towel.  One such blog, Make Love, Not Debt, made a complete turnaround and suddenly started doing sponsored posts that were irrelevant to the blog. The owners said they were taking their site in a different direction.    And now it hasn’t been updated in months.   Down into the blog graveyard.

Another favorite not finance related, Heathen Homeschoolers, hasn’t seen any action since late November.  Apparently, the owner had some problems within her social circle and while she said it wouldn’t affect her ability to post, she’s dropped off the Earth. It’s too bad since she provided a site for folks who homeschool without religious emphasis.  It’s also ironic considering all the blogging publicity she has received.   All this build up to nothing.

Thank goodness I have a few favorites still around.  But I’ve got to find some new ones to frequent since my list has become very short.




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