The poop post

3 02 2011

Yes, I’m about to talk about poop.  If that makes me dull, I don’t care.  I have three kids in diapers, of course this is part of my life.

My baby Amak is psyching me out with the toots. Stinky stuff with no results.  My eldest KB, though, is “forgetting” to tell me when she’s done the deed. Today she walked into the living room with a serious load in her pants and mentioned nothing. I had to ask and even then, it was no big deal to her that her disgusting diaper was hanging down to her knees. Gross, KB!  I’m not sure she’ll ever potty train.  I’m ready to have one fewer in diapers.  At least it’d be a break for my pocket book.

Okay, obligatory poop post is over.  So now i’ll move on to the required snow post (see? i’m killing two birds with one stone).  We had a blizzard this week and while the amount of snow wasn’t that incredible, the speed at which it fell was. The drifts are pretty amazing, too.  I shoveled a bit so that the sidewalks are clear–I almost did the neighbors’ too. Should I have done it?  On both sides, there are able bodied people living there. No senior citizens, no one disabled. Just lazy bums.  But there ARE senior citizens and disabled people who don’t have cars in my neighborhood.  I might go out and shovel this afternoon some more. I think I’ve talked myself into it.

My mother is coming into town today.  And that provides the perfect segue into another dull topic: home organization.  She’ll help out with childcare while I tackle this house.  We’ll be here at least 9 more months and I can’t live in this clutter anymore. So we’ll be getting rid of stuff.   The discards will go to charity. I plan on making a couple of runs to the thrift store down the street, and I’m hoping it brings some sanity.

Oh, and to top it all off, Hubby busted his bumper yesterday sliding into a curb (what is that now? Four birds?). It will cost us a lot of money to repair that damn car, so we’re set back even more for savings.  At this rate, it’ll be a long time before we can buy a house.  I’m just anxious to live in a place I can make my own.  Constant transition just adds to my anxiety.

So there you have it. Poop, snow, organization, and money.  There are a few I missed, but I’m sure I’ll get to those topics soon enough.




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