A wake-up call

10 02 2011

My mother left this morning. It was a good, yet uneventful, visit.  But I think it opened my mother’s eyes to how we live: we have no spending money.

How did she figure it out?  Simple, she finally understands how we grocery shop.

We went to the store together over the weekend, and I told her we had $55 to spend.  She was floored.  This is a lady who can spend $200 on dairy products in a 30 minute trip to the store.  That’s more than our 2 week grocery budget.  She was also shocked that we buy groceries once a week.  Is that weird?  Apparently, it is.

Mom treated us to groceries–that’ll help pay for the new car bumper–and we ate like kings all week.  KB fell in love with blueberry Stilton cheese (only $20 a pound), and Winslow, well, ate everything put in front of her. She’s not snob, at least.

Anyway, today is pay day, and I think we’ll still be able to cash flow all the car repairs without decimating our savings.  And we might get enough back on our taxes to reach our 10k goal before 2015.




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