17 01 2011

Our home is overrun with stuff.  It isn’t a big house–about 1700 sqft–but that’s hardly a shack.  And I feel like I’m suffocating from the piles of crap lying around.

Toys. Magazines and books. Kitchen tools. Clothing. *Other*. Bleh.  I have many things my mother has passed on to me that I have been unable to let go of for sentimental reasons.  For instance?  A Popsicle stick and marble lamp that makes me laugh. It makes horrible light, though.

Such fine craftsmanship.

There’s also the miniature outhouse that is indicative of my mother’s taste for primitive art.

Complete with primitive toilet inside. For the dolls, of course.

It’s actually really cool! But KB has gotten splinters from playing with it, and right now, it doesn’t fit anywhere in this house.

And then, of course, there’s this:

No, I will not take a nap!

Yeah, the Union Mission Thrift store will not accept him, even though I tried…just kidding!  But he does make it hard to keep the house clean these days.  Amak is still very cuddly, and while he’ll sleep at night (did I mention he slept almost 8 hours straight last night??), he likes mommy’s arms during the day.

With our storage problem (2.5 closets in the entire house, despite having 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms as well as no attic and a wet basement), things have got to go.  I’m starting with Hubby’s clothing. I’m thinking two sets of everything is all he needs.  The rest can go.  Okay, I’m lying. I’m starting with my own stuff and hoping to be a good influence.  ByeBye, outhouse. ByeBye, marble lamp. ByeBye, clutter.


Tax Mystery

13 01 2011

Yeah, I’m working in tax prep this year. But no, I do not know what our own situation is this year. We are waiting on more than a dozen tax documents–Six W-2’s, 1099’s, loan Interest statements, mortgage documents–so we won’t be filing until they’re all here. It’ll probably be March.  What are we doing in the meantime? Banking cash just in case we owe.

I’ve done a few calculations based on paystubs and my own estimations, and we *might* get 3k back from the federal government this year.  And we *might* have had enough withheld to cover our state liability. All I know for sure is that we’ll owe over 400 bucks to the city of Kansas City for their earnings tax.  Not a big deal, really. The only reason it’s not withheld is that Hubby works in Kansas rather than Missouri.  No biggie, we’re ready for that.

If we get back as much as it seems we will, it’ll go straight to savings.  It will almost complete our 6 month emergency fund.  Wow!  Then what’ll we do?  Well, then we could seriously start thinking of buying a house, a prospect that scares and excites me at the same time.  Lettuce pray we get that money back!

Snow day!

10 01 2011

It’s beautiful outside.  We have about three inches of snow on the ground, practically a blizzard by Southern standards, barely a whisper by my Minnesotan friends. I don’t care whether it *counts* because it’s still fun.   The girls can’t wait to get outside and play in it.  And since I have new snow boots, I can’t wait, either!

What’s not as much fun is worrying about my husband driving to work in Olathe. 26 miles each way.  He left early for extra time this morning, and it took him an hour.  Sure, he has AWD, but I’m still happy he’ll be leaving work early (to work from home) and won’t be in the middle of rush hour this evening.

Speaking of AWD, we are seriously thinking about unloading his car ASAP.  It needs more repair than we’d like, and we already have an extra car lying around that seems to just need a tune-up to get running. It’s not ideal for snow because it’s rear-wheel drive, but Hubby can take the van in bad weather if necessary.  It drives fine in ice.

Getting rid of the car note would free up about 250/month once we canceled insurance.  Of course, I have no idea how much we’ll get for the car.   As long as we can pay off the note and pay ourselves back in a few months for the maintenance we’ll have to do to the car to make it sale worthy, I don’t care.  Once we have plenty of money in savings and are more settled, we can get Hubby a more reliable car.  The word “sensible” comes to mind…

Boob Fiend

8 01 2011

Well, the boobie bandit has gained two pounds in two weeks.  WOW!  At least all that eating had a good outcome.

I know new moms feel trapped by their infants who breastfeed.  i can relate even though I know exactly what to expect from a newborn!  Amak nurses constantly and when he’s not eating, he wants to be held.  At night, he’s sleeping away from us thankfully, but we’re tired from carrying a 9lb weight around all day.  Yeah, it won’t last.  Even though I’m exhausted right now, I know this kid won’t want me to hold him when he’s older. And he certainly won’t need me like he does now.  So I’m trying my darndest to savor these moments.

Right now, I’m watching Hubby settle Amak down for the night.  You know the drill. Baby is tired, and yet does not want to go to bed. Pretty typical, eh?  It’s so nice seeing Hubs rather calm around this crying baby as opposed to being upset and taking it personally. Sure, it still happens to the most experienced parents, but not as often.  Babies cry and fuss because that’s the only language they know.   They don’t even know why they’re crying sometimes. Or why the dryer or vacuum comforts them…


Working a Double

5 01 2011

My job has started.  I have really enjoyed my new colleagues so far. They are smart and funny, and while some outsiders might claim these folks aren’t accountants and therefore can’t be trusted, they really know their stuff.  And take it very seriously.  I think I’ll fit right in.

We’re still in training to learn the lay of the land at the office.  Tonight is our final dress rehearsal before my first official afternoon on Sunday.

Am I nuts?  I think sometimes I am.  Working just a couple of weeks postpartum is challenging.   The breast pump has been sorely neglected due to time constraints during the day…plus my sessions have been so short, making pumping seem silly.  And I am TIRED by the time I get home after 9pm.  My childcare duties begin as early as 6am (thankfully not that early too often) so I feel like I’m working a double shift.  Of course, Hubby is doing the same thing just in reverse. The difference is that pretty soon, he’ll have limited childcare duties in the evening because the kids will be in bed. We’ll be getting the baby on a routine soon enough.

But for now, it’s worth it. I’ve been looking at houses all over Kansas City in search of a relatively safe AND interesting neighborhood where we can settle.  All this work should help us reach that goal.  In the end, I’m doing it all for the kids anyway. We need a yard!

Yeah, it's a railyard, but it'll have to do until we get some grass outside.

A SAHM’s Duties

4 01 2011

We’re only on day two of three-kids-under-my-care, and it’s got me wondering.  How much housework should a SAHM (stay at home mom) really do?

On my birth boards on Babycenter, many women argue that they should do all of it.  Others split duties with their husbands. Some even say their job is not to do housework at all: it’s to watch the kids and provide experiences for them.  I don’t have strong opinions either way, except that I do not think a SAHM should be house-slave.

For me, pregnancy blew me away and kept me from keeping the house as clean as I wanted. Sure, this one was easier than the other two, but I also had two small children at home with me all day.  I also had committed to working out each and every day, taking time away from housework. Hubby approved of this plan.  But he also took on a lot of the chores. At the end…pretty much all of them.  Somehow, though, cleaning toilets remained my domain.  Not a bad trade.

Now, I look around a house that is a complete disaster area.  Clean laundry is everywhere, toys are thrown all over the floor.  Just clutter on every inch of space.  It is driving me crazy.

So I’ve got to get myself back on track.  The house will not be perfect again for awhile. The girls can only contribute to cleaning so much.  For now, I’ll settle for controlled chaos.

Triple Threat

3 01 2011

Today’s my first day home with the kids. I can’t even say “home with the girls” since I have a son now.

How’s it going so far? Well Amak loves the boob.  Loves it loves it loves it.  That makes taking care of the girls a little tougher since this kid likes being held so much.  I have managed to get in breakfast and lunch and even a few diaper changes for the kids…I also dealt with some laundry and steam mopped the bathroom/kitchen downstairs. Sounds like a lot done to me!  We’ve got to get some toy organization going because they are everywhere. In each nook and cranny in the house.

Great news.  THE HOUSE SOLD! We are no longer homeowners. We netted 2 bucks on the transaction. Thank goodness it’s gone.  A toast to not being landlords!